It’s literally a long way to go for Hamburgers to reach Copenhagen. Especially when it comes to bike lanes – there’s still plenty of room for improvement both in this and all major German cities. We’re facing a big turnaround, however, when it comes to traffic improvement and efficiency in Germany.
Bikes, of all vehicles, will be the ones spurring major change, spanning between life and style in urban areas. Hamburg-based bike manufacturer BERGAMONT plays a very important role in that context. They’re rolling out an e-nnovative sensation: their new electric folding bike, “PAUL-E”.
We’re producing an image film to put PAUL-E in its true light. As a Hamburg original, BERGAMONT requested and expected nothing less than communication “straight from St. Pauli” – laid-back, urban and bursting with style.
It goes without saying that high-quality bicycles have become veritable status symbols of their own – and the folding bike will no longer be their nerdy little brother.
We’re presenting PAUL-E as the incredibly fashionable tech accessory it is. Your cool everyday companion waiting to unfold its full potential.

Unfold your limits


With BERGAMONT, mechanics is everything. Our image film revolves around practicality, quality and a truly novel and clever twist to urban mobility.

In our film, the dramaturgical claim “Fold your bike, unfold your limits” sends PAUL-E on its way through a modern world of mechanical limitlessness – anywhere from St. Pauli to Saint Germain to San Francisco to São Paulo.

Music by Malleville Studio.