Hi, we are Karl Anders.

A creative studio for brand profiling and trended identities at the crossroads of contemporary branding and communications. We can start with: Mail, Call, Coffee, Meeting, Workshop, Project. Up to you! But first have a look at our brand new website.


It´s all about brands.

We create new spaces for brands to exist and blossom by combining our strategical approach with attention grabbing solutions. We think: good design has an expiration date. Smart design keeps an eternal freshness.

We think and execute for local heroes, hidden champions and global brands. We are well known experts for Brand Strategy, Brand and Corporate Identity, Brand Communications, Brand Prototyping and Brand Experience.


Der Zirkel, der macht.

In the abstract 'Der Zirkel, der macht' is a textual and formal collective of makers. It circles around various topics — just like a circle is used to do.
In practice it’s a high explosive mix of art, creation, party, humans and ideas. It’s an irregular excursion, a creative heart, a pool of possibilities and a place of freedom.
'Der Zirkel, der macht' is open-minded for experiences. You can’t put it in a nutshell but if you had to, we would say: It’s ready for everything.

We hope the above is significant for you. drop us a line if you want to talk.
Thank you and stay beautiful …