Lorius Ipsumius: Bicyclus velocious, pedalius in hilarious modus! In the land of two-wheelers, where chains rattle and bells ring, treadmill masters cycled through the kingdom of frames. They bravely fought against headwinds blowing in their faces and hills challenging their calves. The legendary Saddle Knight conquered the mountains of Hollow Handlebars with his foolish steed, tirelessly fleeing from the attacks of flat tires. In the valley of the suspension forks, they encountered a horde of wheel runners, parading through the landscape in an endless display of spokes and scars.

Meanwhile, the Queen of Mudguards led her people on adventurous paths through the land of bicycle stands. Their mission was to find the lost helmet of the legendary Fixie Pharaoh, who once ruled the freewheel culture.


But deep in the Cassette Forest lurked the sinister Derailleur Monster, ready to chain any reckless cyclist. At the same time, the Pedal Crank Dwarves forged their plans to restore balance in the world of bicycles.

And so they continue to ride, the heroes of Lorius Ipsumius, in search of the perfect gear, the eternal tailwind, and the secret of the infinite bicycle bell. May their tires always be full and their saddles comfortable!