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Weischer.Media is one of Germany’s leading marketers in cinema, outdoor and online advertising. Founded in 1954 by Hans Weischer, the former specialist in cinema advertising developed into a group consisting of over 20 companies and 400 employees. Today, the family company has wide-ranging expertise thanks to its extensive experience on the market. The Weischer umbrella brand is looking to generate fresh attention with a new appearance and achieve a clear division of its sub-brands thanks to a new structure. Brand leadership and clear lines rather than a vague CI. The new appearance will be the driving force for the brand moving into the new decade.


Weischer is presented clearly as the central component of an umbrella brand strategy. The concept also leaves ample projection space for all further sub-brands and is thus geared towards the expansion potential of the company. The goal is conclusive visual empowerment, clear structures and elaborate design. Developing a new external order for a mature brand requires creative discipline, but the result should also be fun, of course. We therefore walk a fine line between penetrating power and intuition.


Home is where your heart is. Out of home is where your brand is!


Sharpening the brand profile not only increases the company’s recognition value, but also gives it a completely new presence. The new appearance can be customised by each sub-brand, with colour codes used for differentiation. A clear, yet nuanced appearance, which works with the whole spectrum of typography and comes across as refreshingly colourful. The wave as a figurative mark not only picks up on the Weischer W, but is also rich in associations and gains additional dynamism through the colour gradient. Terms such as reach, energy, transmission and broadcaster come to mind here.

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