Season campaign

Red Star FC 2019/2020


France’s second-oldest club is notorious for its left-wing spirit and a community offering unequalled opportunities. What St. Pauli FC is to Hamburg, Red Star FC is to Paris: a true hallmark of passionate football. So for Karl Anders the new season has been kind of a hat trick in itself: for the third year in a row, we’re supplying Red Star with campaign visuals and promotional material. This time, however, it’s definitely going to escort the cultish club into the top flight.


Votez Victoire!

After staging our love for the stadium (“Bauer Power”) and the game (“Jeu t’aime”) as a rallying cry for the season campaigns in the past years, we’re going for the club’s sporting ambitions and celebrate its promotion to the first league as the most prominent goal of the season.


“Votez Victoire” – an all-aligning imperative that calls on instincts and spirits alike. It expresses the true and everlasting sense of community and solidarity between the club and its supporters. Aptly enough, the campaign dresses in confident and battle-tried attire – innervating both fans and players with an unmistakable presence, edgy typography and dynamic design.

Intended to release emotional power, with its new campaign Red Star is unmistakably going on the attack. Adding our individual touch, we hit the idealistic and impulsive attitude of the club. Time to turn up the volume once again!

Next Project


The new corporate design for the cultural platform that reflects a very strong artistic approach.