Season Campaign 2020/2021 – Jeu t’aime


What St. Pauli FC is to Hamburg, Red Star FC is to Paris: a true hallmark of passionate football.
France’s second-oldest club is notorious for its left-wing spirit and a community offering unequalled opportunities. With the beginning of the new season 2020/2021, we once again declared our love for football by launching Red Star’s seasonal campaign, “Jeu t’aime”, where striking designs, a high recognition value and a clever realisation lead the way.

After last season’s focus on Red Star’s centre piece, their Stade Bauer, it’s now time to bring on the ideals. The club’s home makes way for a new bottom line: “notre force et notre cœur” – love for the game, for the club, for the people, for the history.


True to the theme and despite all odds, the Paris lockdown and all restrictive measures, fans and players have returned to what they do best: back to Bauer, back to show their love and back to support their team.


So, we took the challenge and provided Red Star and their fans with powerful tools to display their passion.
To show the nature of the game, we brought the playing card into focus and made it the main element within an integrated campaign that offers a 360-degree concept from all the brand’s touchpoints. Rooting in the season’s jersey design of “toile-de-Jouy meets pop”, the illustrations rely on an extensive pattern-repeat approach in Red Star’s traditional shades of home-game green and away-game pink.


The result is pure Bauer power within the scope of all digital assets. Our flexible design set the scene for Red Star’s new season tickets, VIP tickets and matching lounge invitations. The illustrations fuel the stadium’s brand-new LED banners and boost Red Star’s unique merchandise that is now loaded with lots of “Jeu t’aime”. What’s more? Red Star Lab, an in-house event hub designed to promote the youth in a way that unifies football and creativity. It’s safe to say that with Red Star’s new seasonal campaign we brought a bounty of new input to the club. And tons of networking opportunities. And a maximum of attention.